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[texts]1. Electronics IJECE SPECKLE REDUCTION BASED ON Rithu James
Sonar images are highly affected by speckle noise which reduces spatial resolution. Denoising is required in sonar images to distinguish a number of different regions by analyzing the image. Sparsity of the wavelet representation of the images is exploited in speckle denoising in sonar images. The proposed technique enhances the denoising property of the classical thresholding and the Bayes soft thresholding technique by proper selection of time scale level...
Keywords: Denoising; Mutiresolution; Speckle; Wavelet Transform
Downloads: 1
[texts]Design and Implementation of Fast- Lifting Based Wavelet Transform for Image Compression - Lokesh B.S ,Dr. Manjunatha M.B ,Pradeep Kumar B.P ,Santhosh S.Y.
The digital data can be compressed and retrieved using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and Inverse Discrete wavelet Transform (IDWT). The medical images need to be compressed and retrieved without loosing of information. The Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is based on time-scale representation which provides efficient multi-resolution. This paper mainly describes the lifting based scheme gives lossless mode of information...
Keywords: DWT (Discrere Wavelet Transform); IDWT (Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform); FLA (Fast-Lifting Algorithm); RTL
Downloads: 4
[texts]Multi Resolution features of Content Based Image Retrieval
Many content based retrieval systems have beenproposed to manage and retrieve images on the basis of theircontent. In this paper we proposed Color Histogram, DiscreteWavelet Transform and Complex Wavelet Transformtechniques for efficient image retrieval from huge database.Color Histogram technique is based on exact matching ofhistogram of query image and database. Discrete Wavelettransform technique retrieves images based on computationof wavelet coefficients of subbands...
Keywords: Content Based Image Retrieval; Color Histogram; Discrete Wavelet transform; Complex Wavelet Transform; Texture; Precision; Recall
Downloads: 12
[texts]Simple and Fast Implementation of Segmented Matrix Algorithm for Haar DWT on a Low Cost GPU
Haar discrete wavelet transform (DWT), thesimplest among all DWTs, has diverse applications in signaland image processing fields. A traditional approach for 2DHaar DWT is 1D row operation followed by and 1D columnoperation. In 2002, Chen and Liao presented a fast algorithmfor 2D Haar DWT based on segmented matrix. However, thismethod is infeasible for its high computational requirementsfor processing large sized images...
Keywords: Haar discrete wavelet transform (DWT); CUDA; GPU; segmented matrix algorithm; parallel discrete wavelet transform
Downloads: 46
[texts]A Sensitive Wavelet-Based Algorithm for Fault Detection in Power Distribution Networks - Ides Editor
This paper presents a wavelet based technique for detection and classification of abnormal conditions that occur on power distribution lines. The transients associated with these conditions contain a large spectrum of frequencies, which are analyzed using wavelet transform approach. The proposed technique depends on a sensitive fault detection parameter (denoted SFD) calculated from wavelet multi-resolution decomposition of the three phase currents...
Keywords: Wavelet Transform; Fault detection; Distribution Networks; Inrush currents
Downloads: 54
Power quality is important for consistency and steadiness of power system. The effects due to switching transient are investigated in this paper. The DWT based techniques are recommended to analyze the transient effects and to improve the quality of power system and its protection. These measures were efficient in providing better solution at the cost of high resource consumption. High resource consumption results in slower response while analyzing power system...
Keywords: Power Quality; Voltage Sag; Wavelet Transform; Digital Modeling; VHDL
Downloads: 56
[texts]Dual-layer Digital Image Watermarking for Intellectual Property Right Protection
Digital watermarking is a technique which is widelyused in various application areas such as copyright protection,copy control, broadcast monitoring etc. In this paper a noveldigital image watermarking technique is presented. To protectthe intellectual property rights, two different watermarks areinserted in host image. The first watermark is used to monitorthe any changes made in host image while second one is usedas proof of ownership...
Keywords: Digital Watermarking; Discrete Wavelet Transform; Fragile Watermark; LSB; Robustness
Downloads: 18
[texts]Shift Invariant Ear Feature Extraction using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform for Ear Recognition
Since last 10 years various methods have been usedfor ear recognition. This paper describes the automaticlocalization of an ear and its segmentation from the side poseof face image. In this paper, authors have proposed a novelapproach of feature extraction of iris image using 2D DualTree Complex Wavelet Transform (2D-DT-CWT) whichprovides six sub-bands in 06 different orientations, against 3orientations in DWT...
Keywords: Ear recognition; ear detection; ear biometrics; DTCWT; complex wavelet transform
Downloads: 38
[texts]Mutual Information for Registration of Monomodal Brain Images using Modified Adaptive Polar Transform
Image registration has great significance in medicine,with a lot of techniques anticipated in it. This research workimplies an approach for medical image registration thatregisters images of the mono modalities for CT or MRI imagesusing Modified Adaptive Polar Transform (MAPT). Theperformance of the Adaptive Polar Transform (APT) with theproposed technique is examined. The results prove that MAPTperforms better than APT technique...
Keywords: Adaptive Polar Transform; Gabor wavelet transform; Modified Adaptive Polar Transform; Modified Gabor wavelet transform; Registration; Brain Images
Downloads: 15
[texts]8. Comp Sci IJCSE A Novel Audio Steganography Scheme Using Double Density
Theword Steganographyisaninformation trouncingmethod where secretmessage isembeddedinto unwarycover signal. Goodqualitysteganographyalgorithms contain perceptual precision,payloadorcapacityand strength.Qualityof steganographyschemecanbemeasuredusingmetrics such as PSNR, MSE.Withinthispaper,anovelhighcapacityaudio Steganography algorithm basedon double density dual tree complex wavelettransform withblowfishencryption hasbeen proposed...
Keywords: Audio Steganography; Double Density Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform; Blow Fish Algorithm; High Capacity Steganography
[texts]573 248 259
The paper presents a k-means based semi-supervised clustering approach for recognizing and classifying P300 signals for BCI Speller System. P300 signals are proved to be the most suitable Event Related Potential (ERP) signal, used to develop the BCI systems. Due to non-stationary nature of ERP signals, the wavelet transform is the best analysis tool for extracting informative features from P300 signals...
Keywords: 300 signal; Wavelet Transform; k-means; semi-supervised clustering; ensemble; support vector machines (SVMs)
Downloads: 2
[texts]Adaptive Non-Linear Bayesian Filter for ECG Denoising - Mitesh Kumar Sao ,Anurag Shrivastava
The cycles of an electrocardiogram (ECG) signal contain three components P-wave, QRS complex and the T-wave. Noise is present in cardiograph as signals being measured in which biological resources (muscle contraction, base line drift, motion noise) and environmental resources (power line interference, electrode contact noise, instrumentation noise) are normally pollute ECG signal detected at the electrode...
Keywords: Discrete Wavelet Transform; ECG signal denoising; Thresholding; Power Line Interference; Signal to Noise Ratio
[texts]18. ECE ECG Signals For Chaotic Neeraj Sathawane
Today the main cause of human death is Cardiovascular disease (CVD). In order to combat this disease, many professionals are using mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) remote monitoring system. ECG Feature Extraction plays a significant role in diagnosing most of the cardiac diseases. In this paper a comprehensive review has been made for statistical feature extraction of ECG signal analyzing classifying method which have been proposed during the last decade and under evaluation that includes digital ...
Keywords: Artificial Neural Network; PSO; Discrete Wavelet Transform; ECG Signal; Non Stationary Chaotic Systems
Downloads: 2
[texts]An Optimized Transform for ECG Signal Compression
A significant feature of the coming digital era is theexponential increase in digital data, obtained from various  signals specially the biomedical signals such as electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), electromyogram (EMG) etc. How to transmit or store these signals efficiently becomes the most important issue. A digital compression technique is often used to solve this problem. This paper proposed a comparative study of transform based approach for ECG signal compression...
Keywords: Electrocardiogram (ECG); Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT); Discrete Cosines Transform (DCT); Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT)
Downloads: 79
[texts]An Algorithm to Detect Point on Wave Initiation of Voltage Sag by Fundamental Equation
This paper presents an algorithm for detection andcharacterization of voltage sag on transmission anddistribution lines. A Discrete Wavelet Transform is utilized toextract voltage sag disturbances from fundamental 50 Hz,which detects magnitude, duration, and Point on Waveinitiation of voltage sag. This algorithm is simulated inMATALAB and the results are presented at various magnitudesand Point on Wave initiations.
Keywords: Power quality; Point on Wave initiation; Voltage sag; Discrete Wavelet Transform
Downloads: 9
[texts]SVD and Lifting Wavelet Based Fragile Image Watermarking
Creation and distribution of digital multimedia, bycopying and editing, has both advantages and disadvantages.These can facilitate unauthorized usage, misappropriation,and misrepresentation. Therefore the content providers havebecome more concerned. So image watermarking, which is theact of embedding another signal (the watermark) into animage, have been proposed for copyright protection andauthentication by robust and fragile methodologiesrespectively...
Keywords: Fragile watermarking; SVD; Lifting based wavelet transform; pseudorandom sequence; stego image
Downloads: 24
[texts]Diesel Engine Air-borne Acoustic Signals Analysis Using Continuous Wavelet Transform
This paper studies the characteristics of Diesel engine airborne acoustic signals using time-frequency domain techniques. One analysis technique is investigated: Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) which is reviewed from the mathematical point of view,  based on  its developmental stages, drawbacks and the subsequent improvements. The detection capabilities of this technique are evaluatedusing air-borne acoustic signals collected from diesel engine in acoustically untreated laboratory.So...
Keywords: Air-borne Acoustic Signals; Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT); Diesel Engines; Engine Noise
Downloads: 17
[texts]Color Image Compression Using Demosaicing and Optimized Color Spaces
A new approach to image coding is presented. This methodis based on recently introduced optimized color spaces forimage demosaicing. These spaces can be used to transformthe RGB color components to achieve desired properties ofthe new colors such as energy compactness or smoothnessand thus to achieve better performance of the imagereconstruction. In this work a new unified framework forcolor image compression is presented using demosaicing,where optimized color spaces are used both in the imagec...
Keywords: Color Image Compression; Optimized Color Spaces; Optimized Coding; Demosaicing; Discrete Wavelet Transform
Downloads: 12
[texts]Diesel Engine Air-borne Acoustic Signals Analysis Using Continuous Wavelet Transform
This paper studies the characteristics of Diesel engine air-borne acoustic signals using time-frequency domain techniques. One analysis technique is investigated: Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT) which is reviewed from the mathematical point of view, based on its developmental stages, drawbacks and the subsequent improvements.The detection capabilities of this technique are evaluated using air-borne acoustic signals collected from diesel engine in acoustically untreated laboratory.Some engine ...
Keywords: Air-borne Acoustic Signals; Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT); Diesel Engines; Engine Noise
Downloads: 13
[texts]A New Approach of Medical Image Fusion using Discrete Wavelet Transform
MRI-PET medical image fusion has importantclinical significance. Medical image fusion is the importantstep after registration, which is an integrative display methodof two images. The PET image shows the brain function witha low spatial resolution, MRI image shows the brain tissueanatomy and contains no functional information. Hence, aperfect fused image should contains both functionalinformation and more spatial characteristics with no spatial& color distortion...
Keywords: Image fusion; Discrete wavelet transform; Even degree method; Cross correlation process
Downloads: 41
[texts]An Application of Second Generation Wavelets for Image Denoising using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
The lifting scheme of the discrete wavelet transform(DWT) is now quite well established as an efficient techniquefor image denoising. The lifting scheme factorization ofbiorthogonal filter banks is carried out with a linear-adaptive,delay free and faster decomposition arithmetic. This adaptivefactorization is aimed to achieve a well transparent, moregeneralized, complexity free fast decomposition process inaddition to preserve the features that an ordinary waveletdecomposition process offers...
Keywords: Lifting scheme; Dual Tree Complex Wavelet transform (DT CWT); Denoising; Computational complexity; coding gain and PSNR
Downloads: 26
[texts]Modeling Curvature Damage Surface for Damage Detection in Cantilever Beam
A damage detection method is presented for the identification and quantification of damage. The proposed method uses finite element method to extract modal parameters of cracked and intact cantilever beam. The damage is simulated by fracture mechanics concept by introducing cracked elements at different locations with predetermined magnitude of depth. The curvature response function, function of crack location and size, are approximated by means of polynomial surface fitting...
Keywords: Crack beam modeling; Response Curvature damage surface; Wavelet Transform; Response Curvature error damage surface
Downloads: 155
[texts]Processing and Interpretation of Permanent Downhole Monitoring Data
In recent years, permanent down‐hole gauge (PDG) has beenwidely installed in oilfields around the world to monitor thereservoir and well conditions in real time. Continuousmonitoring of pressure enables engineers to observe ongoingchanges in the well and makes operating adjustmentsaccordingly to enhance oil and gas recovery. Transientpressure monitored by PDG are characterized with longterm and high volume data which are inherently noisy, fullof variable‐rate superposition and multi‐well i...
Keywords: Permanent Down‐Hole Gauge; Reservoir Monitoring; Wavelet Transform; Deconvolution Transform; Data Processing
Downloads: 13
[texts]A Robust & Fast Face Detection System
Human face detection is a significant problem of image processing and is usually a first step for face recognition and visual surveillance. This paper presents the details of face detection approach that is implemented to  achieve accurate face detection in group color images which are based on facial feature and Support Vector Machine. In the first step, the proposed approach quickly separates skin color regions from the background and from non-skin color regions using YCbCr color space transf...
Keywords: Face Detection; Skin Color Detection; Wavelet Transform; Discrete Cosine Transform; Support Vector Machine
Downloads: 61
[texts]Detection of Transmission Line Faults by Wavelet Based Transient Extraction
In this paper, a novel technique is applied to detect fault in the transmission line using wavelet transform. Three phase currents are monitored at both ends of the transmission line using global positioning system synchronizing clock. Wavelet transform, which is very fast and sensitive to noise, is used to extract transients in the line currents for fault detection. Fault index is calculated based on the sum of local and remote end detail coefficients and compared with threshold value to detect...
Keywords: Wavelet transform; transmission line faults; power system protection; fault transients; multiresolution analysis
Downloads: 165
[texts]Image Compression Using Wavelet Packet Tree
Methods of compressing data prior to storage andtransmission are of significant practical and commercialinterest. The necessity in image compression continuouslygrows during the last decade. The image compression includestransform of image, quantization and encoding. One of themost powerful and perspective approaches in this area isimage compression using discrete wavelet transform. Thispaper describes a new approach called as wavelet packet treefor image compression...
Keywords: Discrete wavelet transform; wavelet packet tree; percentage zero; percentage of energy retained; entropy
Downloads: 20
[texts]Wavelet-FFNN Based Fault Location Estimation of a Transmission Line
In order to maintain the quality power supply and reliable operation of power delivery service to the utilities with minimum interruption,  it is extremely important that the transmission line faults need to be detected and located in a reliable and accurate manner. To meet these requirement an approach based on discrete wavelet transform using neural network (NN) is proposed to estimate the fault location of the three phase transmission line and the results have been compared with the ...
Keywords: Transmission Line; Fault Current Signals; Wavelet Transform; Fault Location; Feed Forward Neural network (FFNN); Ninth Level Detail Coefficients
Downloads: 22
[texts]Perceptually Optimized Coding of Color Images for Band‐Limited Information Networks
The Mean Square Error (MSE) or the Peak Signal to NoiseRatio (PSNR) are common distortion measures used toassess image quality. Nevertheless, they are usually chosendue to their simplicity and not their performance as they arenot always suitable compared to the human observer. In thiswork we present a Rate‐Distortion approach to color imagecompression based on subband transforms using perceptualoptimization of the compression quality...
Keywords: Color Image Compression; Weighted Mean Square Error; Discrete Cosine Transform; Discrete Wavelet Transform; Perceptual Rate‐ Distortion Model; Optimal Color Component Transform; Optimal Rate Allocation
Downloads: 8
[texts]An Open-source High Speed C++/ MEX Framework for the Detection and Delineation of Long-duration Ambulatory Holter ECG Events: HSEDF - Mohammad. R. Homaeinezhad, Milad Khazraee, Moein Khazraee
The major focus of this study is to describe the construction procedure of an open-source C++/Mex solution for the detection and delineation of long-duration ambulatory holter electrocardiogram (ECG) individual events. To this end, detailed flow-chart of the proposed ECG detection-delineation algorithm as well as the corresponding lines in the C++/Mex code are explained. In addition, two methodologies for generating the detection-delineation decision statistic (DS) named as Area- Curve Length Me...
Keywords: ECG Detection-delineation; Discrete Wavelet Transform; C++/mex Programming; Detection-delineation Decision Statistic; Curve Length; Variance; First-order Derivative; Second-order Derivative
Downloads: 155
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1995-14
R&D Report 1995-14 : Digital HDTV bit-rate reduction in the studio T. Vlachos, M.G. Croll Two novel source coding algorithms are presented which are suitable for the recording of digital High Definition Television signals. One of the bit-rate reduction schemes is based on the Wavelet Transform and the other on the Lapped Orthogonal Transform (LOT). According to the first scheme, a multi-layered, hierarchical description of the source signal is obtained by means of a quad-tree, half-band wavelet ...
Keywords: coding; wavelet; transform; quantiser; block; quantisation; digital; frequency; compression; entropy; reduction schemes; prediction template; higher frequency; digital hdtv; wavelet transform; wavelet filter; basis functions; arithmetic coding; lapped orthogonal; quantiser weights
Downloads: 55
[texts]Robert X Gao, Ruqiang Yan - Wavelets
Robert X Gao, Ruqiang Yan - Wavelets
Keywords: wavelet; signal; transform; frequency; fourier; bearing; defect; base; signals; wavelets; wavelet transform; base wavelet; wavelet packet; fourier transform; wavelet coefficients; harmonic wavelet; defect severity; discrete wavelet; ieee trans; signal process
Downloads: 98
[texts]August 2013: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) - International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
Volume 2 Issue 8, August 2013
Keywords: Guyuan city; Temperature change; Linear regression analysis; Mann-Kendall test; Pettitt jump test. Urine; Urinalysis; Proteinuria; Hematuria; Glycosuria; Pyuria. people-driven constitution; constitution-making process; Zimbabwe constitution model. Tool for restitution; Roman Imperial Baths; Architectural analysis; FPGA; RS-232 interface Stress; Coping Strategies; Employee Health; Performance Hoya kerrii; Micropropagation; 2; 4-D; Callus. FPGA; BIST; Analog model. Climate Change; LP-LFSR; Switching activity Paclitaxel; cervical carcinoma; HDR brachytherapy Plaintext; Cipher text; key length; block length Biceps brachii; third head; flap surgery; musculocutaneous nerve. precipitation; Land Surface Temperature; rainfall; interpolation; cross-validation; kriging; IDW. Denoising; Contrast Enhancement; Morphological Operations; Segmentation; Fuzzy C-Means Clustering. ICT literacy; Skill assessment; Land Use/ Land Cover Change; Computational tool; Computer competency. Biometrics; Signature; Back propagation; Artificial Neural Network. Kerala Model of Development; Health; Neo-liberalism; Privatization; Exclusion RCC building; Time history analysis; Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) AzhalVaatham (Siddha Medical term); displacement; earthquake resistant design Agri-preneurs; Agricultural Entrepreneurs; Association; Government Subsidy ICT use; integration; management; public secondary; Bungoma; Kenya MANET; Neuropathy; Fuzzy logic; Black hole attack; Packet loss; Data rate. Pulverised nylon; Funtumia elastica; Brachystegia. kennedy; and Milicia excels Engine performance; Ignition timing; Exhaust emission; Twin plug SI engine. power electronic converter; Diabetes Mellitus (D.M); induction heating; simulation. Writing; Micro skills; Error; Error Analysis Full Duplex; Microcontroller; Wireless Monitoring System; Zigbee Database; Graphical User Interface (GUI); Information System; GlycyrrhizaglabraLinn; Rapid Application Design (RAD) Database; Graphical User Interface (GUI); Inventory System; Laboratory Touch screen; voice recognition; Home automation system; ZigBee communication. allometric growth; condition factor; Nangal dam. CAN (Controller Area Network); PIC16F877A; Cynodondactylon Linn. Nanofluids; Bluetooth. Color image; Edge suppression; Gradient field; affine transformation; Cross projection tensors; HUS; Enteric fever; Salmonella typhi. Information Technology; competence; university academic; Porous media; Internet; teaching. Epicondylitis; Manual Mobilization; NPRS Scale. Impact; Forage; Invasive plants; Conservation; Understory Business-to-Business; E-Business; E-Commerce; Effective thermal conductivity; E-Procurement; Internet; state corporations; Supply Chain. Electronic procurement; public sector procurement; e-procurement implementation. Noise; Spatial Domain Filtering; Filters; Image enhancement etc. Power line communication; Channel modeling; Impulse response; High speed data. Kenyan coal; Effective viscosity; Coal analysis; Coal rank and quality; Mui basin Codec; Container; H.261; H.261; MPEG-2. Parkinson’s disease; TUG test; Functional gait performance. Literacy; illiteracy; porosity; human development index; marginalisation Wavelet; Multiwavelet; Image denoising; Gaussian noise; Speckle noise linear filters; Wavelet transform. bagasse; boiler efficiency; Dryer; moisture contain Aspect; Permeability; Information retrieval; Opinion mining; Perspective; Tweets Classification; Computer Vision System; Image Processing; Grading; Quality; SVM; Wheat multi-dimensional visualization; Inertia coefficient. Aeromagnetic data; dimension reduction; visual clutter; visual structure Cloud computing; Broker Policy; Modeling and Simulation; Data Center; Resource management; Workload Based applications Cryptography; AES; DES; Spectral; FPGA; efficient encryption/decryption implementation; pipeline. ATM; wireless transmission; ITU-T; public and private Sting Stigma Eradication Application (SSEA); Short Messaging Service (SMS); Information Technology (IT); Antiretroviral Drug (ARV). Hydroxyapatite; Polyurethane; Mechanical properties; Depth; Morphological. e-commerce; malicious user; Sniffing; Spoofing; Brute-force; Cryptography & Decryption. e-commerce; CC Redbook; Mitigation Risk; OSSTMM; NIST Expression Recognition; Sedimentary depth; Image Processing; Local Feature; Pattern Recognition; CK+; JAFFE; Computer Vision chaos; logistic equation; price dynamics; discrete dynamical systems Wireless Sensor Network; Key Management Operations; first and second layer depth. Transfusion; Pre-shared Key (PSK); NchooseK Algorithm. Sexual Networking; Sexual Practices; Men Having Sex with Men (MSM); Level of Awareness on HIV/ AIDS Comprehensive health; Community health care; primary care; Doorstep service Opportunistic Routing Algorithm; WIFI Model; Packed Red blood cell; Blood usage; Blood groups; Road traffic accidents Pattern Recognition; Handwritten Character Recognition; K-Nearest Neighbor; Kannada vowels; Feature extraction; Chain code. Cloud; Public Cloud; Private Cloud; Hybrid Cloud; Federation of Cloud; Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas); Platform as a Service (Paas); Software as a Service (Saas). Virtualization; UEC; Eucalyptus; Secure Shell Login Boro silicate glass; density; optical basicity; optical absorption. Orchidaceae; Polystachya fusiformis; mycorrhiza; pollinia; herbivory. parallel counter design; high speed; state anticipation module. Foreign exchange; portfolio; disposable income; Gross Domestic Product Gender; Career; Counselling Cloud Computing; Cloud Security; Judicial policies; regulatory control Steganography. Cryptography; security; gif image; video Double layer steel dome; span to height ratio; IS 800-2007. video-capture; motion detection; short message service; video4linux; HTTP Universal; data processing; signals; communication; noise Information and communication technology; students’ achievement; chemistry at secondary level; country specific development. Networks; mathematical; physiological; sensor; detectors; ECG cochlear implants; hearing impaired; assistive device; handicap; communication paradigm; cultural differences; discrimination; identity; deaf culture. Artificial Intelligence; Webthrough; Ontologies; Semantics MPA; Wimax; DMB; HFSS. water environment capacity; one-dimensional model; lake; parameter; pollutant Background subtraction; DTBDM; Similarity module
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